Thank you for choosing our services. Please note that the normal services and transactions provided by us are performed electronically, and are not subject to traditional terms and policies for retrieval. As it considers electronic services and transactions to meet the needs of the beneficiaries of these services and transactions directly or indirectly, and each case is reviewed according to the appropriate classification,
We understand that you may sometimes wish to cancel or replace. So we're happy to help you.

  1. You can only cancel the request which is in the processing stage.
  2. You can cancel the application provided that the paid service is not activated.
  3. You can apply for cancellation or replacement after providing a copy of the invoice and required documents.
  4. You can apply for cancellation or replacement in a formal way by filling out the form or technical support tickets or e-mail will not be accepted requests verbal and telephone.
  5. You can use the refund as a credit that can be replaced by one of our alternative services within a specified period of time.
  6. We refund your payment by replacing it with one of our other available services. You can use the refund amount within a specified time period.
  7. The value of the service or transaction paid is replaced by a credit
  8. The type of service, transaction, replacement or cancellation shall be evaluated and the best ways of settling between the different parties. Taking into account the effort, time, cost and other circumstances.
  9. No special refunds will be made for special bookings or direct transactions and because of incorrect selection by the beneficiary at the time of delivery of the service or transaction, as there are non-refundable services, transactions, replacement or cancellation. But not limited to (booking domain name, booking and activating electronic accounts, providing the service as an intermediary to complete the transaction with an external party)